7.65mm Argentine Mauser


I was interested to discover recently that the old 7.65mm Mauser rifle/MG cartridge (aka 7.65x53, 7.65x54, Belgian Mauser, Argentine Mauser, Turkish Mauser) is still in production in Argentina, by the DGFM military ammo factory. The loading is a 12 g FMJ spitzer at 730 m/s (185 grains at c.2,400 fps). Does anyone know why - who’s using it?

Incidentally, this cartridge was first adopted by Belgium in 1888 (with a heavier round-nosed bullet, of course), which would make it one of the oldest military rounds still in production if indeed it still has such a role.


Dear Tony, the “Fray Luis Beltran” military factory still made the 7,65x54 Mauser cartridge here in Argentina, because lots of shooters have Mausers 1891 & 1909 models for collecting, hunting or range shooting purposes.


Thank you for the prompt response!

It’s nice to hear that a military ammunition plant will still keep a production line open for such purposes. Here in the UK we have the Radway Green plant, which isn’t interested in producing a cartridge if it isn’t being ordered by the million…


What do they hunt with that FMJ load?

Do local police or malitia units still use these rifles ?


I can’t answer the question about what they would hunt with a FMJ bullet, but FM also has made the 7.65 Mauser ammo with a soft-nose bullet. Perhaps the FMJ ammunition is just for the target shooters. DGFM will be able to tell us, I am sure.

John Moss


FMJ are mostly used for target shooting and, changing bullets, for hunting.
“Fray Luis Beltran” military factory is loading some 7,65x54mm with soft point bullets that looks like Sierra bullets IMHO.

No military or police use after 1982 that I know of.
It was used for guarding the coast installations at San Antonio Oeste during the Malvinas/Falklands War.



Answering DrSchmittCSAEOD question, the Mauser 1909 was replaced by the argentine armed forces in 1954 by: first the belgian FN FAL in 7,62 x 51 caliber, according to the NATO standards of small weapons, and then by the DGFM FAL/FAP made under license by the “Domingo Matheu” military factory, so the 1891 and 1909 Mausers was used only for ceremonies and military parades.
Even the armed forces keep in their inventories large stocks of Mausers and their ammo, in 1978 during the crisis with Chile (Border Dispute) and in 1982 (South Atlantic war with the U.K.) the Mausers were pressed into service as second line weapons only for sentry duties, as Beleg correctly said.
Argentine hunters used until 1960, soft point ammo produced by the “San Francisco” military factory, later Norma ammunition in 7,65x54 (Yellow plastic tip) appeared in the market and become the favourite among them.
In the year 2000, the “Fray Luis Beltran” military factory begin the production of both FMJ and SP 7,65x54 ammo, this batch of ammo had Magtech primers and Hornady or Sierra bullets, another batch of ammo was produced by the same factory in 2008, and recently (2010), FLB launched into the market another batch of ammo both FMJ and SP.
It is interesting the demand of this caliber actually, not only FLB, but Ingman Konjic and Hornady also produced factory ammunition.
Details of bullet weights and powder charges, in my next post…


Norma still lists the round in their current catalogue: an 11.3 g softpoint at 760 m/s (174 grains at c.2,500 fps).