7,65mm box Cartuse

My question about this 7,65mm box , how common is it.


headstamp: 81 7,65

For a time in the USA, the only place I can address in relation to the question, it was common for awhile. A lot of this Romanian 7.65 mm Browning ammo was sold surplus, and you could find these boxes at many Gun Shows.

Like anything else that is basically a one-shot deal, you don’t see them around so much anymore.

This even reached New Zealand some years ago.

They been around in Europe too.

Thank you for the help…


Yes correct, gyrojet have a full box of them -:)

Yes correct, gyrojet have a full box of them -:)[/quote]

And I have many boxes, and even as Dummies (the Dummies and the live rounds came from the former DDR, where they where used in the 1001 Copies of the Walther Pistols from the VOPO)…


  • @ gyrojet: This is a Romanian made box with 7.65mm (7.65 X 17SR) rounds for the Romanian 7.65mm “CARPATI” pistol with aluminum frame. The two digit date of the year of manufacture is at 12 o’clock position and the caliber is marked at 6 o’clock. The ammo was manufactured at U.M. Sadu in Gorj county (Romania).
    The label can be translated like this:
    24 24
    Cartuse Cartridges
    Pistol Pistol
    7,65 mm 7.65 mm
    The 7.65mm “Carpati” pistol replaced in the Romanian Army (starting with the early 1980s) the old Russian made 7.62mm Tokarev pistol (TT-33) which fires the 7.62 X 25 ammo. Liviu 12/28/11