7.65mm x 54mm Argentinian short range


This cartridge, I think, is an Argentinian short range ball but does anybody know its official designation?


Hi Jim,

Its official designation is “Tiro Juvenil” and it is a low-recoil, short range loading believed to have been made for youth shooting competitions held at high school level (non-military). Back in those days, certain schools had a small inventory of Mauser rifles that were used in shooting exercises and matches held regularly. However, they used standard S rounds, so this cartridge was likely a special requirement. It is only found in cases dated 1953, 1954 and 1956, although it was included in display boards of much later manufacture (there is a board dummy dated 1963).




I’m very grateful Fede, thank you.



Do we know the bullet weight ?



Hi Randy,

A pulled bullet of an example headstamped F.M.C.“S L” // 1953 // weighs exaclty 8.00 g (123.5 gr) and measures 23.44 mm (0.923’’) long. Powder weighs 2.73 g (42.13 gr) and total weight of the cartridge is 21.93 g (338.4 gr).

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Thank you, Fede…

I shall include this information with my drawing of the cartridge.



Fede: 2.73 grams is 42 grains. Jack


Corrected… Thanks!