7.65x20 French pistol ammo


What is it? Measures about 7.8x20mm. Headstamps VE 1945, VE1946, ATS 1947.


They look like 7.65 French Longs. Compare to the US .30 Pederson in case size.




Anyone have a quantity of these they don’t need???


Does it mean you are looking for shooting ammo ?


In fact, pretty well a straight copy of the Pedersen I understand. It was the French Army’s standard pistol/SMG round from the 1930s until after WW2, used in the Mle 1935 pistol (world.guns.ru/smg/fr/mas-193-e.html ).


Yes, Jeanpierre, that’s what it means. I foolishly bought a 1935A pistol, and new ammo is expensive and hard to find. Perhaps some of the old French surplus is still alive.


If you find black steel case and black bullet ctges or brass case and CN bullet ctges better to take them apart and change powder and primer. Eilther the primer doesn’t work or either the powder is becoming as black glue !!

About the brass case and tombac bullet ctges only two lots are still working !
All the others don’t work !
I don’t remember the lots ( 1956 if I recall well) I can check if you need.

Best to do is to unload them , change primer and powder and reload them.
We do that , it is not difficult and works well.

Primers are Berdan, it is not a great deal to take out the primers (i used to do taht watchig the TV with a hand decapping tool). You can use 7.62 Tokarev bullets.

If base material is needed (cases and bullets) you can import them from France
if there is no problem to receive them by mail



I fear we are getting into forbidden territory here, so I will send you a PM.
Thank you.