7.65x53/4 ammo made in the usa in the last 60 years?

A question has been brought up about 7.65x53/4 ammo being made “in our lifetime” (65 years)in the USA or Canada. Was it,and by whom?
Thank you.

Rapidrob, if your parameters include ammunition “loaded in the USA” the only example I can think of was introduced late in 2002 by Hornady using cases made by PPU with a “FRONTIER” headstamp.

Fede, you got images of this headstamp?

Alex, this is the only picture I have, sorry for the quality. Some ammunition was also loaded by Hornady using cases headstamp PPU 7.65x53, like it happened with other obsolete rifle calibers offered around the same date.

What about “GRAF 7.65x53 Arg” supposedly made by MAST ?

Fede, thanks a lot! A great Addition to my PPU files.

Is Frontier a Hornady product line? (pleaae excuse my ignorance regarding such stuff)

EOD - Yes, Frontier is a Hornady line. No ignorance there. How many of us American collectors can keep the heritage and present ownership of all the European companies fixed in out minds? Not many I dare say. I have to refer to catalogs all the time to check out who currently owns who, and what product brand names they are using. Now days, even that doesn’t always tell you where by whom a cartridge is made.

Tough to know ev erything!

John, thank you for confirming this.
You are certainly right about the fact that not everything can be known and as we see I am the best example (again).
Though I demand myself to at least have a common knowledge and that should include some basics on the large Players in the ammo game in this world (including Hornady).
Unfortunately my Focus is elsewhere and my brain is too small and time is too Little.
But the good thing is to have this Forum where hundreds of years of experience and knowledge are accumulating!

Brad, you are right, this is another example. Regarding its manufacturer, have you compared this headstamp to those marked “PPU 7.65x53 Arg”? It seems likely to me that it was also made in Serbia by PPU. Regards, Fede.

Yes Fede, it had occurred to me and apart from the “GRAF” it looks identical. I then compared some of the other European Graf cases with their nny/PPU equivalent and several looked the same (eg. GRAF 6.5 CARCANO, GRAF 7.5x55, GRAF 8x50R LEBEL, GRAF 7.92x33 and possibly also the GRAF 7.62x54R and GRAF 9.3x62. The GRAF 7.5x54, GRAF 7x57 and GRAF 7.7x58R JAP are similar but not the same. The GRAF 6.5x50 JAP, GRAF 338 LAPUA and GRAF 6.5x55SE are quite different.

So perhaps some of these were from MAST and Hornady and the rest by Prvi Partisan ?

7.65x53/4 ammo made in the usa in the last 60 years?
Maybe I am missing somthing here. I have 4 “PETERS 7.65m/m” headstamps and I understand this was made into the 1960’s.
I have at least 6 variations with REM-UMC and REM UMC headstamps and I believe Remington used one of these headstamps until 1960, that is only 55 years ago.
U.M.C. I have 3 examples , but do believe these would have been made before the time frame given.
W.R.A.co. I also have several, but also believe it would not be within the time allotted as I think it changed to just WRA around WWII.

I know I am just a novice, corrections welcome.


According to Peters catalogs, they discontinued loading the 7.65 in 1936…Remington also about the same time…


Joe - the UMC headstamp basically ceased to exist circa 1911/1912, when the company formally became REM-UMC. So, your UMC variations are all from before that time.