7.65x53.5 Argentine AP Cutaway

Argentine 7.65x53.5 red tipped armour piercing, headstamp: FMM APB/ 1944 wolfgang



Armour or armor?

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Armour here in England, Armor in the USA.

agree with Falcon,great job of sectioing,keep up the great work
Charles.J. Wells (Jack)

Trying to learn a little on 7.65x53.5. Does the primer annuls color tell one something on Argentine manufactured rounds?


Very nice!

Joe, according to Army regulations the primer annulus color should be black for S ball, green for SS ball, and in all special loadings it should match the tip color (black, blue, green, red, white and yellow). The only officially approved exception was the proof loading, where the tip color was either light blue or brown but the primer annulus was always green.

Nevertheless, these rules were not always followed and it is very common to find most loadings with a “generic” reddish primer lacquer that has no meaning (the 7.65x54 sectioned above is one of those cases). Also, many non-standard special loadings did not had colors assigned and are found with reddish lacquer.

After 1971, when the identification color codes for all ammunition were changed, the primer annulus color used for SS ball ammunition -only loading still in production- went through three changes: purple (1972-76), red (1975-81) and green (1981, production ends).

In 1999, when manufacture of this caliber was resumed, the color used was a somewhat translucent reddish lacquer.

Last, in the late 2000’s it again changed to pink.



Fede, thank you fort he explanation.


Wonderful explanation! Exactly what I wanted.



Joe and dutch, you are welcome. I can also add that another easily distinguishable identification method was a small dot in the middle of the neck of the case. It can be found in S and SS ball cartridges from all ages and was used to identify a match loading. These are not specially rare but they are often overlooked, so it is always fun to check ball cartridges trying to find these dots. Regards, Fede.

Ok, you say small dot. Painted on or an imprestion?


Joe, it is an impressed dot, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, but always noticeable. I’ll see if I have any on hand and then post pictures.

Ok, thanks Fede.


Joe, this is an example headstamped 19 FyA 10 DM.

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Thanks Fede.


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