7.65x53.5mm Argentine Spotter

7.65x53.5mm Argentine spotter with explosive head, steel jacket, black tip. Headstamp - FYA/ 19/ 28/ HP Hirtenburg, Austria.

OK, promised Mr Merchant some pics on mishaps or “What not to do”. This is the biggest mistake thus far. On a hectic day of pulling projectiles, this round got mixed in with others. Not paying attention, inserted the cartridge and then slammed it down on an old railing on back deck. BOOOOOMMMM!!! Thought a shotgun went off! No one got hurt, but my ears were ringing for hours. Could have been a lot worst. If it wasn’t for the construction of the puller, with the metal handle at mid body, most of the explosion wouldn’t have been away from me. Morale - Pay Attention, after this started to label everything before, during, and after!
Also please take noticed that the round is still LIVE! Just the projectile has exploded.
Have a couple more of these, will return to incendiaries, API, etc in a few.

That is THE quintessential “OOPS with a bullet puller” round!!! Plenty of warnings all over the internet on just this event. Usually it happens with worn bullet tips, but yours seem to be pretty dark. This is why the IAA Forum, as well as other outlets, is full of warnings to think 20 times before trying to pull or section cartridges. You were lucky, but others have not been so fortunate.

The 1928 HP Argentine spotter bullet has no safety collar on the firing pin.Careful! JH

In Argentine we are well aware of the dangerour black tip ammo!!!
Some time ago bullet pullers were not commmon and some hunters use a vise to press the bullet and get free cases and powder until they press it too much.
Thanks for the advise!