7.65x53 Argentine black tips

I found the one without the black tip (1929) in a bag of miscellaneous ammo, and something made me tap it with a finger. And I heard a CLICK!!! So even though it has no black tip, it is the same as the 1928 one with the black tip. Be careful out there.

yes you can encounter these rounds with no paint on the tip
only the sound of the firing pin can identifie these
be carefull these are sensitive

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The paint of the Dutch made spotting cartridges is easily worn off, but they were not made at the factory without painted tips. They are safe to handle but you should never use an inertia puller on them. If you find cartridges with plain CNCS jackets and 19 FyA 27/28/29 HP headstamps, check the primer sealant color: black indicates “spotter”. Also, if the firing pin is rusted they will not rattle.