7.65x53 Argentinean round-nose?


I found a round that, by measures, appears to be 7.65x53 Argentinean. HS is “FN 39” but it has a round-nose FMJ bullet.
does anyone know who and why ordered round-nose (obsolete?) ammo from FN as late as 1939?


I believe that a 1939 7.65 m/m Mauser cartridge by FN fitted with a round-nosed bullet would have been made for the Belgian armed forces. JG

Yep, is for the Belgian Army

The round-nose is known as the M89 and was still made in 1939.


Thanks, gentlemen

I’m quite surprised that Belgian army still used round-nosed ammo as late as 1939, though…

Belgium wasn’t alone, Italy and The Netherlands were also using round nosed bullets at the beginning of the war.


But belgium did use a spitser for use in MG’s.


The “spitzer” was called M30 and was not only used for MG, but also for rifles.


Oke, I got the info from these boxes.