7.65x53 Armor Piercing/Tracer

7.65x53mm Argentine Mauser, armour piercing/ tracer, green tip, headstamp FYA/1929/H.P.
Maybe someone could please help, Photobucket just recently changed format and can’t see how to post the larger pics. Only the thumbnail pics seem to work on forums. Not many people know that if you click on the pic it produces a larger one from my Photobucket alblum. Can bigger pictures still be done without clicking? Thanks wolfgang

Tiny pic still allows different sizes. Or, hold down the Ctrl key while you spin the wheel on your mouse to enlarge or reduce. It takes a high resolution original to enlarge to good quality.


Kevin, when you post an image for bulletin boards & forums by using Photobucket there are two options: “Full size” and “Clickable thumbnail”. To change between these two options you must click the “Share” button shown below any image, select the “Get link code” folder and then choose between the two options under “IMG for bulletin boards & forums” (or both). Don’t forget to save.

IMG code vs IMG thumb:


By the way, this AP-T round is a contract for Argentina where it was designated “Luminosa-Perforante” (LP). It was made by Nederl. Patronen-Fabriek Dordrecht.

Great sectioning, thanks for sharing!

I fear that those two characters in the cartoon Fede posted are typical old cartridge collectors. Checking out the headstamp while they should be checking out the babes! (I hope any ladies on the Forum will forgive an old man his fantasies, even if that remarked was pretty much sexist). Oink! Oink!

Thanks guys, had to change my settings at photobook. Fede, was hoping you would add a little something. All my references lists the green tip as just armor piercing. kevin (wolfgang)

Kevin, the use of a green tip in Argentina is quite difficult to memorize: 7.65 mm Mauser cartridges are AP-T; British contracts like those in .303 or 11.35 mm Madsen are armor-piercing; .30-06, .45 Auto and 9 mm Parabellum cartridges from the 1950’s are tracers; any post-1971 ammunition is proof; and 12 ga aluminum shotshells are anti-riot.