7,65x53 Mauser information sought

Does anyone have any idea when the very basic charger clip for 7,65x53 …

was altered into the more developed versions …


and are thee any known type designations for the later types from the various countries using the calibre?

Happy collecting, Peter

Peter: I’ve wondered about that too & can only offer a couple of observations. One, the DWM 1904 catalog pictures only the original uncorrugated type clip; secondly, the third type clip with the stops seems to be more associated with the Turkish 1903 Mauser or the Peruvian (1891 and 1909) than the Argentine models (also 1891 or 1909), so I 'd guess the second two types pictured probably were introduced not very long after the 1904 catalog made its appearance. The Argentines certainly used the first and second clips, but never (as far as I can tell) the third one. Odd thing to me is that the third clip presumably saw use in the Turkish service but is rather hard to come by around here. Most of the surviving third type clips seem to have been ordered by Peru; at least that’s my assumption. JG

I’d forgotten that I had photocopies of the Lubeck drawings which have, after considerable deciphering, turned up some information one the various 7,65 ammunition chargers.

The first type, introduced with the M’89 Belgian Mauser is listed on one page as being used by Turkey as well. The original page is too badly damaged to see if the charger has the same type designation as the rifle it was used with.

On a separate page the same charger is listed as being used by Argentina, Peru and Colombia under the designation M/91

The later type of charger, known as the Ladestreifen 1a, that has a ridged base to increase the rigidity of the charger is listed as being used by Argentina under the designation M91 S (09)

The charger with two closely spaced lugs on each side of the body, known as the Ladestreifen 1b is listed as being used by Peru under the designation M’03. On a separate page the same charger is listed as being used by Turkey under the same designation.

On two different pages the charger normally associated with the Spanish Mauser in 7x57 is also listed as being used by Bolivia and Paraguy for 7,65 ammunition.