7.65x53 Mauser Paraguayan contract?

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Can someone help me with these headstamp?

Both are a Paraguayan contract?


Sure, what kind of help do you need?


Edit: Is the second headstamp “367L” ? Picture is kind of blury.

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This cartridge and the one headstamped DWM 19 K 33 (without stars) were packed mixed in unusual 10 (ten) round boxes without any markings except for a coded lot number. I don’t know why it was made with or without stars.

I don’t have documentation about this contract, but I do have a picture of a Bolivian soldier sitting on top of several crates marked “Patronen für Handfeuerwaffen” (Cartridges for Small Arms) which are described as containing cartridges with DWM 19 K 33 headstamp. This picture was taken by US military observers during the Chaco War (1932-35).

During the war, Paraguay captured thousands of Bolivian vz. 24 rifles and ammunition, which means that at some point these cartridges may have been used by both sides. Also, from time to time some can be found in Argentina, but I don’t think that these were used by the army, or at least no in noticeable quantities, and these came from Paraguay. In the same way, I have never seen these headstamps in cases converted as blanks or grenade launching cartridges, which is always a good reference of what it was used by the military. In any case, Argentine contracts during 1933 were filled with HP, not DWM.



Daniel, the 367L cartridge loaded with a S bullet was made for Turkey, Paraguay and Bolivia. This case number is described in the DWM 1913 case book as “Türkei, Paraguay, Bolivien, M./90S Kal. 7,65 mm”, where Paraguay and Bolivia were crossed out at some point since the book was started. Also, it is worth mentioning that a Winchester data card made in September 1911 describe this cartridge as the “7.65 Mauser - Standard for Bolivian Govt”.

This same headstamp can also be found in nickeled and knurled dummies (367L1/2) made for Turkey and Argentina, and also loaded with the old round nose bullet.

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Realy thank you Fede, interesting imformation.

I got these units this week and with these lot there are a copule of these. If someone do not have it i have if for exchange. The problem is that I am in Uruguay!


Hi all

Someone knows were I can find information of contracts its headstamp for 7x57mm and 7.65x53mm?

Thanks in advance