7.65x53 Mauser

Can someone help me ID this 7.65 x 53 Mauser. By the headstamp it was made for Turkey by Iran in 1949. The bullet sticks to a magnet. What does the knurled ring on the case mean, is it a dummy? Can’t hear any powder when you shake it. Thanks; Jack

Are you certain this was made for Iran Jack? I agree it was made in Turkey why do you say it was made for somebody else and in particular Iran?

Hi Jim; I said it was made for Turkey by Iran. I found the headstamp in CARTRIDGE HEADSTAMP GUIDE by H.P.White and B.D.Munhall. They say it was BELIEVED that this ammunition was made for Turkey by the Iranian Ammunition Factory at Terhran, since the characters are Persian, not Turkish. I am going by a 46 year old book, otherwise I don’t have a clue about the headstamp. Thanks; Jack

Made Pre-WW I. ( whole headstamp is pre-1928 style ( Arabic Script style), and Turkish date is 1327/8 ( CE 1911-12)…I can never remember Turkish “V” and “^” (They are 7 & 8, but which?).

DM helped Turkey set up an Ammo factory in 1908,(near Istanbul Rifle Factory) to assemble components from Germany, and eventually make complete cartridges from raw materials.
Typical M1908? Spitzer type cartridge, used throughout the Balkan Wars and WW I and the War of Independance and the War with Greece.

Headstamp reads(from 12 o’clock) “small mauser”, ???, Date in Turkish Ordnance Fiscal year, and Crescent & Star, Property mark.

Nothing whatever to do with Iran, or 1949, where did you get that idea from???. In any case, by 1949, Turkey had well and truly abandoned the 7,65 caliber ( 1920s) for the 7,9mm cartridge.

BTW, the Turkish ordnance Year converts to CE dates by adding 584 to it; (this allows for the lunar fiscal year, slippage of days over the centuries, and other variations…584 CE is the supposed year of the coming of age of The Prophet;
Iran on the other hand, uses the AH Plus 621,6 ( Date of the Hegira) to convert dates to CE ( also a approximation, given the Lunar Islamic Year.)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Thanks Doc! To me the headstamp loooked the same as headstamp #382 on page 50 of CARTRIDGE HEADSTAMP GUIDE and so took the above info from there. Can you tell me anything about the knurled ring on the case? Thanks; Jack

The symbol ‘V’ is a ‘7’ so I think this’ll now be a 1911 manufactured case.
I’m going to guess, and it really is only a guess, that the milled ring may indicate this round was reloaded again much later on. I base this on the similar ‘sorte’ marking used on German 7.9x57mm blanks and the fact that your round has a copper-coloured bullet instead of the nickel-coloured bullet which is normally found in these cartridges of this period.