7,65x54 Belgium Mauser


Could somebody pleas tell me the reason why FN pressed a small number in the case mouth on blanks from 1928/29.






Are these “normal” looking wood bullet Belgian blanks other than the number stamped in cartridge case? Contract loading for another country?

Have you weighed each cartridge to see if there is a difference in weight ?



Dutch and Brian…

Back in 2012, I posed this same question…the consensus at that time was that the numbers represent a lot or a month…



Harrie, these numbers were used to identify a full charger of cartridges destined for guard service and verify that the cartridges were always the same and not replaced with others after the guard ended/started. Chargers were loaded with cartridges having the same number and there are five variants: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I should clarify that, as I understand, this was only an identification method and they are not specially loaded guard cartridges. In this regard, I have two cartridges headstamped F N 29, one unmarked and the other with a neck marked “2”, and they look and weigh exactly the same, so I assume that my understanding is correct.

Also, these neck markings have no relation with the blanks, since these are reloads of later manufacture made by AFM using any available cases.




Thank you gentleman.

If I understand this correctly the Belgians were standing on guard with blanks?


No, sorry for not being clear, they used M. 89 ball cartridges marked with these numbers. The blanks are AFM reloads using these cases.


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