7.65x54 Mauser German contract for Turkey

This one measures about 8x53.5mm. What is it and what does the headstamp say?

I’ve just consulted Ken Elks’ book and I think it is a Turkish made 7.65mm Mauser. If I’m reading the date correctly it is 309 (1309), which equates to 1894-1895.

I’m basing my guess on the belief that the bottom reads Mauser. The right hand part is the date and the left hand part reads little, which differentiates it from the 9.5mm Mauser.


Thanks. This round is alive, which I hope means that the projectile is original. It is definitely 8mm.

Also to note, manufactured by DWM of Germany for Turkey.

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I re-measured it, it is 7.85 at the base. You are right, guys, it is a 7.65x54 Mauser.

Darren, how did you get “309”? I see 5 characters, that dot underneath being “1”.

You are looking at the word Mauser. The date is the three characters highlighted below:


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Thanks, you are right, my Arabic is so bad I don’t know which way is up or down.

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Actually “small Mauser” to distinguish it from the M1887 9.5x60R " large Mauser"…

Ammo probably made by Deutsch MetallPatronen Fabrik, on account of Mauser. DWM did not exist till Jan. 1897…before they were part of the Ludwig Loewe consortium ( Mauser and DM Karlsruhe).
Doc AV.

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