7.65x54 mauser propulsive ctg box

An interesting box, could be fore Belgian police (Rijkswacht, a part of Belgian army, but civil police. don’t exist anymore) Strange thing is the label is in English, (Should be french, Dutch). As it can be seen between the top, the ctg are crimped cases.

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Nice find, thanks for posting pictures. Most, if not all, Beglain ASM boxes, packets and cartridges I have seen are marked in English.



Sorry, what is ASM? And what is it about the label which gives it away as Belgian police ammo? Did they load black powder in 1958 for less recoil?

ASM (AS.MUN.) is the manufacturing symbol used by Arsenal des Munitions, Fort Kolonel IMF Brosius, Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Here is an image of the FN M1 tear gas grenade on a Mauser rifle:


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It comes from a former ‘‘agent, (rijkswachter)’’. Chance is greater it was in use there, nothing sure. AS Mun is not a factory, it’ s a part of the Belgian army. Don’t know if they ever handel orders for an other country.

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Thanks. So “BLK-PDP” is not black powder? I read it as “BLK-PDR”.

ASM is not a ammunition factory in the in the full meaning of the word, but they do load and assemble ammunition from components made elsewhere. They also manufacture some components and dummy cartridges themselves.

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