7.65x54 SS BALL (ARG.) - 7.65x54- "SF" 76 (1rd.)

I just obtained the following bullet 7.65x54 SS BALL (ARG.) - 7.65x54- “SF” 76 it has a brown tip with a violet annulus but the description just says it is gilding metal fmj what was the purpose of the brown tip? Vic

Hi Vic, this is a match cartridge designated “Especial Concurso SS” and was made in 1976 by Fábrica Militar “San Francisco” of San Francisco city, San Justo department, Córdoba province, Argentina. The brown color was a post-1971 code for match ammunition (previously used for proof) and replaced the previous identification code represented by a small dot in the neck. This is the last year it was made and the only one in this caliber using the new code.

Thanks Fede I had a feeling you would come up the the answer.