7.7 italian color tip codes for API - nice site

I see in the current thread about the 8x59 Breda that Pivi posted a link to the World war.it website. Well that site is awesome, and provides great views and info on several cartridges. I just learned from taking a look earlier that the difference between the green and blue tip 7.7 API cartridges is that the blue tips are phosphorous containing, and the green tips are thermite containing. Maybe everyone knew this already? don’t know… Very interesting I thought. And a great box pic of a 7.7 API box.



We (IAA) will look at sites like this for some model ideas of where we might go with our site…I am jealous…how about the multi translation feature…AWESOME

thanks for the the lead


A lot of work has been done by Giovanni,an IAA forum member and other guys,all serious collectors