7.7 Jap M.G. Strip

I have a 7.7 Jap Hotchkiss M.G. strip loaded with AP rounds. The bullet jacket appears to be brass…Is that correct?

7.7 Rimless & 7.7 Semi Rimless…Black case mouth seal, steel cored brass jacketed bullet

Yes, the jacket is brass. In fact the entire jacket is brass, rather thick, as there is no lead “cushion” between the AP core and the jacket as is typical with AP rounds. At least the example I sectioned is constructed this way. I presume this is the standard design.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

Im guessing you are right akms…it must be the standard as the bullet is only lightly magnetic due to the thick brass jacket I assume. But why use brass for the jacket? It must have been geting scarce in WW II Japan.