7.7 Jap on feed strips

These just came into my possession. For a little while, anyway.
Note the lack of a headstamp, which I understand is not uncommon with Jap SA ammo. Also, this is supposed to be AP vs FMJ/ball ammo. Not sure how that’s determined. Maybe the case seal color? Sadly
there is no discernable writing on the boxes.

And the gun what shoots it. A Type 92.



There was a very recent thread on the Jap ammo. After reading it I decided to get rid of mine. Too confusing and I’m tired of re-cataloging the stuff every couple of days.


I have this one…

Niiiiice! Obviuosly, yours didn’t spend as much time out in the rain and mud.

Rick - you assumed correctly on the loading. The Magenta case mouth seal in this cartridge type identifies it as Armor Piercing. These Japanese rounds are confusing!

Muchos Gracias, John.

Now, what does the RED denote on Harrie’s samples?


Here’s that recent thread. I have a strip with same cartridges as Harrie.

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … hlight=jap


Ken Elks’ latest book says of casemouth seals for the Type 99: Pink = ball, Black = AP,
Green = tracer.

The label on Gyrojet’s packaging looks to my non-Japanese eye exactly like one illustrated by Elks, which he says reads:

                Star with circle                     (emblem of Tokyo Army Arsenal)

92 Type Heavy Machine-gun Ammunition
92 Type Ordinary Cartridges (ie ball)
30 Rounds

Ahso deska. So it’s confirmed. Everybody’s confused :-)

Can’t recall if I mentioned it here, but there is an effort by some folks over at BOCN to acquire and amass a bunch of documentation on Jap ordnance. Mostly the bigger stuff, but SA ammo will probably be included in the mix. If anybody’s interested, go on over and check out the Jap F headstamp thread. Feel free to donate to the cause. Should result in some enlightening material.

Rick - I assume that the folks have Ken Elks book on Japanese ammunition? If they don’t, they will probably go to a lot of unnecessary effort in duplicating research. Just a thought.


Concur/agree re the Ken Elks book.

BUT, there seems to have been a large stash of unknown documents located and ready for the picking. The Aussies had it all along. This is an effort to assemble and print or publish the “new” find(from 1947 or thereabouts). Plus, others are coming out of the closet with their personal offerings of documentation. Will help, ultimately, in centralizing the info.

Am planning/in the process of, getting Mr. Elks’ books as we type.