7.7 Jap Question

Can anyone tell me anything about this round? It’s a 7.7 Jap with a head stamp!

The split circle mark (single or double) is found on some Japanese rifle cartridges made in Manchuria?? Or Inchon ( Korea)?
During WWII for Japanese use.
See Elks’ Japanese Ammunition book for exact details.
Post 45-49 production by PLA/PRC has a full headstamp.

Doc AV

Taken from: Japanese Ammunition 1880 - 1945. Part 1. Pistol, Rifle and Machine-gun Ammunition under 20mm - Elks (2007)

(page. 62)


Thanks Mayhem! I have very little knowledge of Japanese ammo, even less than anything else (which isn’t much anyway). Again, thanks for the great info!

Is this not an AP round? I seem to see a black case mouth; try a magnet on the bullet. Jack

Hi Jack. It is slightly magnetic, whether or not it’s AP I have no idea but I can say that it’s not a strong magnetic attraction, but yes, magnetic.

Slight magnetic attraction is generally consistent with AP loadings having non ferrous jackets. Since the magnet is attracted to the steel core, which is the thickness of the jacket away from the magnet, the observed degree of attraction is lowered a bit compared to a round having a steel jacket, irrespective of its core composition. I’d think the combination of the headstamp and AP load is not a common one. Jack

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Thanks for the info Jack. I’m very happy to add this round to my collection for sure!