7.7 Japanese Army Incendiary


7.7 Japanese Army Incendiary, wine red neck band/sealant, white phosphorus, Bronze? jacket with lead bottom, no head stamp.
Just cut a little at first, got thru jacket and noticed a light brown waxy material at tip. Poked it with a pin, a puff of smelly smoke came up under water. Put it in a lead pipe cap and set it down for a day. Everything looked fine, jacket looked darker (heated?), so started to cut some more. POOF another smoke! Could really see waxy material, poked thru, like it was just spun in the tip of the jacket. More smoke, smells like sulfer (rotten eggs) but a little worse. Hit something inside either lead bottom or magnesium rod? Put it down outside and went shark fishing. Came back, projectile completely burnt, lead on bottom half melted out, edge of cap is damaged and had this ugly crap on bottom (last pic). Poked it and POOF more smoke. It took a couple of months but that ugly crap finally dried out into a white ash. Its all still sitting outside!
They say not to play with the “Willy Pete”, white phorphous, or WP. Seen the pictures on the internet. I believe them, Nasty! This again was stupid luck. People, please DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOUR SELF! Know what you are cutting into.


How was WP put inside and sealed, since it is so prone to go “poof”?


Vlad–WP can be safely handled either under water or in an inert atmosphere such as nitrogen. It only burns when it comes into contact with oxygen.


Also no action when it is frozen.


EOD–That is interesting about it not burning when frozen. In Viet Nam, I worked with thousands of WP Igniters for Napalm. Of course there was no chance for the Igniters to be frozen there, but in all my training on how to handle WP, no one ever mentioned this frozen fact. Thanks for the information.