7.7 x 40 SR Experimental Cartridge with Discarding Sabot

I have found a positive identification for the extremely rare “7.7 x 40 SR experimental cartridge with discarding sabot” which is described in “Austrian Military Cartridges” by Josef Mötz, Vol. 1, p. 158 (known example headstamped 19 / GR / 88 / III /). It was designed in 1889 by J. Stahel of the well known Patronen-Fabrik J. Stahel in Wollishofen b/Zürich, and described as a “new cartridge for repeating rifle”.

Just goes to show, there is never a truly NEW idea in modern cartridges. Sabot bullets have been around for a long time!


I just found your post on the 7.7x40SR from two years ago. It seems from that post that you found a copy of the patent for that cartridge. If you did, can you send a copy of it to me please? It would make me very happy! Thanks. Ted