7.70mm French wood crate. (.303" British)

Obtained recently for $5. Unfortunately it is empty.


PC050005 PC050006 PC050007

Here is a box that is close. I just don’t have the exact lot number box.


Nice find on the crate.
But a warning about that ammo, it is so corrosive, just storing a box of the ammo next to your rifle will result is a rusty bore :>))
Seriously, that stuff was nasty corrosive.
I bought the stuff by the thousands back in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.
It was real cheap, like 2 cents a round, and I just pulled the bullets to use them to reload 303 British and 7.7x58 Japanese.
I remember buying that stuff for 15 cents a box!

WOW! Those were the days… 😆
Yes, corrosive like Egyptian 9mm luger.

Joe, great pictures, thanks for sharing. This ammunition was imported by Interarms.



It is sad that the tin and opener are missing.