7+75mm verses 8+75mm Behr

I wonder when W.Gehmann developed the 7+75mm Sup.Expr.round,If the 8+75mm Behr(DWM 514)
was his templet.The round shown is a dummy has anyone out there a loaded specimen???

Loaded 8x75R Behrs & 7x75RSE nupe.


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It is generally regarded that when Ernst August vom Hofe (1907-1945) first started development of the 7x75R c1939, that it was based on the 9.3x74R and early prototypes used modified 9.3x74R cases. The 9.3x74R pre-dates the 8x75R by about 3-4 years and is much commoner.

Walter Gehmann finished the development after WW2 and introduced it commercially c1960. As seen above it has a totally different shoulder profile than the 8x75R and also the prototypes.

About half of the known hs variations have "v.Hofe’ in the title as well as Gehmann.

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Thank you for posting those rounds.I meant to show the whole dummy on the post but
something went wrong during the photo session,that dummy is very interesting I
wish I could find a loaded round to go with it,but I think that cal is not to common
to find

Thank you for the info,interesting to find out that the 9.3+74R was to have been the basis for the
7+75R it was only the case lenght of the 8+75R and general appearence of both rounds that
that set off my nosy ness I once heard that the 7+75R was a total failure due to its length yes I
was aware of the fact that the name GEHNANN was connected with the from Hofe titel thank
you for your effort

Here you can see the difference between the adopted case (left) and protoype (right):

Thanks for the pics,take your word for it but by looking at it I would have sworn
the right case is the adopted one.Thanks

Couple of DWM 8x75R boxes

Thanks for showing those boxes maybe I am lucky and find a loaded mate
on this side of the line thanks

Pete - any date codes on the boxes and/or headstamps of the contents ?

On the left hand box I see 1919 printed could that be a date code???

The label on the right box has a printer’s control line at the bottom, which I interpret as follows:
1985 - order number
3000 - number of labels printed
6.33 - June 1933
So we at least know the box on the right is from summer 1933 or later.

“1919” identifies the propellant used (Walsrode type 1919).

Thanks for the info Peelen it is always nice to find things out about such things
That 1919 was a little prominent displayed that is why I thought it could be a year date

Both are now empty.

The left on has a rubber stamped “202 AS” code on the bottom and the back has a ERNEST MAYOR label.

The one on the right has the faint rubber stamped code of “921 S”, and a Thun Arsenal sticker in the back.
Edited to add Must be a Monday I just noticed this label on the left side of this box.

Hope this is of help & thanks for all the work you do.

PS I sent photos of these & the codes of what I think are perhaps all of my DWM boxes to Lew yesterday for his project of deciphering date codes.

That’s great thank Pete - every bit of information helps.