7.7x54 rimless

Anyone have any idea what this is?
7.7x54 Rimless. OAL 75.5. 12.2 rim diameter. I’m getting down to the last few cartridges that were in my fathers collection so they’re getting more difficult to identify. Thanks again everyone.

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It’s a French 7.5x54, FM24/29 machine gun. Made by Cartoucherie de Toulouse, Toulouse, France in 1946.

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7.5x54 Mle1929 Balle Ordinaire
aka 7.5 French.
Made 4th. quarter 1946, by Cartoucherie de Tarbes.
Metal supplier “C”.
Berdan 5,5mm corrosive Primer,
c.3.0 grams Nitro-cellulose powder.
Bullet Gilding metaljacket, leadcore with concave base.
Standard French Rifle and MG calibre 1929 to 1980s, MG calibre to present day.

Man you guys are unbelievable… thanks so much. I just hope I’ll be able to contribute something to someone someday lol