7.7x56R Italian box


Firstly, would anyone have a photo of unopen box? All mine are open, and I want to see which way the strings go. I suspect both go to their respective sides, so it does not matter from which side one opens. Just curious. Secondly, where was propellant made, Italy or Germany?


The “Societa’ Dinamite Nobel” was founded back inthe 1880s (it was then a subsidiary of the Nobel Explosives combine) to manufacture, (besides Dynamite for Mining and Tunnelling purposes), Smokeless Powders for the Italian Gov’t ( “Ballistite”, the first powder for the M91/95 6,5mm Carcano cartridge, and for loading formerly BP cartridges.

They were situated at Avigliana, (Piedmont) near Turin.
By the time of the fascist dicatorship, the Company was Italian controlled, and supplied the majority of both single based and double based Powders to all the ammo makers in Italy.( Mil. and commercial)

The factory is still producing Powders for both Military and Commercial sales today.

“Nitrocellulosa Pura” denotes single based Nitrocellulose Powder.
The Load was 2,44 grams (37,65 grains, of Type TD800 Powder, production Lot#29.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.