7.7x58 Black Bullet?


I have this 7.7x58 Japanese round with an all black GM bullet, brass case, and blackened base. Any Ideas as to loading? Thanks.


Jon–Just looked through Elk’s publication “Japanese ammunition 1880-1945”. I did not find exactly what you describe, but I did find a 7.7 X 58 Rimless with an all black bullet and a brass case. It does not indicate a blackened base, however. I quote:

“The rifle ball cartridge has a 183 gr. flat based bullet with distinctly rounded ogive. There are at least three versions of this with brasscase, the most common having the normal gildin g metal jacket. Much rarer are those with cupro-nickel jackets and [color=red]blackened steel jackets[/color] . This latter has been alleged to be an explosive bullet, but this has proved to be false.”


I must have missed that. I’ll go back and check to if my round fits the description.


I mentioned elsewhere that a fellow brought me a clip of 6.5 Japanese all black except under the pink mouth band. They had been in a stream(creek) for years and turned black from the chemicals in the water. It might be that?