7.7x58 Black Tip Blank? w/pics!

Set-up is over at Morgantown and the show opens tomorrow. Found an interesting Japanese 7.7 round that I’ve never heard of, but I got it “just in case”. It’s a blank with the usual truncated wood bullet, but the front half of the exposed wood is deliberately painted or stained black. I checked the new Elks book and it does not appear. Anyone have an example of this?

Might be a grenade launching cartridge.

Perhaps. I will post some pics of it when I return from the show. Unfortunately the case is empty so I can’t determine powder type or weight.

Here are some pics of the mystery round.

Jon, if this is a wood bulleted grenade blank it would be a wonderful finding. These have existed but it seems that there are no surviving specimens.

Can you post a picture of the headstamp?

Yes it would be, wouldn’t it! There is no headstamp, just a standard 7.7x58 rimless base with a ring primer crimp. Can you post any info on Japanese wood-bullet grenade blanks? I looked quickly through the new Elks book last night but did not see any reference to one, but I may have missed something.

I posted the same question/info on the Gunboards “Japanese Forum”. The discussion there might also be helpful.
forums.gunboards.com/showthread. … -Tip-Blank

The possibility exists that it’s an undocumented grenade blank, for the Japanese Type 3 grenade or Type 91 grenade launcher.

Spigot grenade launchers (no designation) for the Type 99 rifle used a wooden bulleted cartridge. These were used by the Japanese Naval Infantry and first reported in a U.S. Intelligence document dated May 1945. Both Type 91 and Model 3 Modif. 1 (“Type 3”) are grenades models and not grenade launchers.

The ones used by the Mark A grenade rifle (12 mm bore; Type 18 action) are also unknown and should be based on a 11 mm Murata case. The Mark B grenade rifle (11.3 mm bore; Type 38 action) cartridge may be some sort of variation of the 6.5 mm case.

Thought to return to this and see if any further info is available.