7.7x58mm Rimless Japanese Steel Case & Steel Turned Bullet, Japanese Discussion on Twitter

From national police reserve 1956@6pp6OKaJiCDIBGD’s (located in Japan) Twitter page:

Type 99, a

Below is the Google translation of the Japanese text accompanying the photos, text in parentheses is my attempt to clarify some of the terminology.


“A ninety-nine cartridge of iron (steel) cartridge cases and iron (steel) warheads (bullets) that is said to have been made to save resources. As the two knurls (knurled rings on the cartridge case) show, I’ve only seen it with fictitious (dummy) ammunition.
Since it was hit with a burner when the warhead was welded, the discolored part that was burnt blue remained clearly.
(Concerning the cartridge clip) It’s made of iron (steel) clip. The Type 99 rifle (clip) has a small hole in the center for identification.”


These are fairly common 7.7 dummy cartridges. I do not believe the “fictitious” comment.

Keep in mind this a GOOGLE TRANSLATION of the Japanese text and in this case I believe the GOOGLE TRANSLATION is not correct, that is why I inserted the word “dummy”.

I posted this Japanese discussion, along with previous posting here on the Forum concerning Japanese cartridge collectors to show that there is active cartridge collectors in Japan as there is a common misconception, particuarly in the US, that the Japanese don’t or cannot collect cartridges.

It would be nice to have some of them here on the IAA Forum.