7.7x58SR AP (sectioned)

One of the more interesting cartridges I have sectioned. If you look closely at the projectile, you will notice that there is no lead at all in it. Just a steel core and a thick brass jacket. Usually in an AP projectile, there is a thin layer of lead between the jacket and core to allow the rifling to engrave when the projectile is fired, and a bit of lead in the tip of the jacket. The cartridge is un-headstamped, so I can not tell when it was made, nor do I know if this is the only variation of the AP load. ID is by black case mouth seal.


At a gunshow about 6 or 7 years ago, I bought maybe 200 or so of these bullets that had been pulled from ammo.

One of the bullets I bought had a portion of the jacket material ground off on the nose of the bullet, exposing the steel core.

Didn’t know what cartridge they had come out of until now, just knew that they were either .312 or .314 dia.

IIRC there was the remains of either a red or purple case mouth lacquer seal on the pulled bullets, but I may be wrong about the color, it could have been black.

The jacket material looked like bronze to me more than anything else.


Red or purple case mouth sealant indicates a ball round.