7.8 x 23 R Zi-Di


This old post was started by Tony a long time ago: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5721&hilit=Ziegenhahn

This is a cartridge for the 7.8 mm Mod. Zi-Di (Ziegenhahn-Diem) cattlekiller device.

Their present website says: “Since 1911 he co-operated with Messrs. Heinrich Diem in Benshausen. During this period the trade mark ‘Zi-Di’ was created. As a humane killer he was honoured with a silver medal by the Cologne Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”.

German version is more accurate: “Seit 1911 gab es auch eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma ”Heinrich Diem” in Benshausen. Aus dieser Zeit stammt auch das Warenzeichen "Zi-Di”. Für einen Kugel-Viehschussapparat erhielten sie auch eine Silbermedaille des Tierschutz-Vereins Köln”.

My only reference describing this round is dated 1933, however.

I can’t find no related patent assigned to either Alfred Ziegenhahn or Heinrich Diem.


The Zi-Di cattle killer device is also mentioned in an annual report of veterinary medicine dated 1913. Cartridge type is not described.