7.8 x 53?

Hi; To me this measures out to be a 7.65x53, there was no such thing as a 7.8x53 was there?? Is it a Czech sporting round or military? The FMJ bullet sticks to a magnet. Thanks; Jack

Jack: I believe it’s a 7.65 m/m Mauser. Often Czech cartridges were identified by giving the caliber based on bullet diameter rather than bore (land-to-land) dimensions. This had been the custom in Austria, where the 6.5 m/m Mannlicher Schoenauer was often described as 6.7 m/m. This cartridge was made at the former Roth plant in Bratislava (Pressburg in German) between the late 1920s and the mid-1930s. JG

Jack, one thing that I have noticed is that this is most likely a reload for this sporting hs.

The primer is the so-called “T3” non-corrosive PS primer. This was produced by POVASKE STOJARNE (PS) c1945-1954 the eventual successor of "Ceskoslovenke Munici a kovodelne zavody Bratislava, AS (aka Zbrojovka Brno : 1928-1934) whose hs you have.

I have not seen this primer on “M” or “Z” (1934-1939) factory loaded sporting ammunition - they generally used either a “M” (in part circle) or a “Z” (in full circle) primer.

This seems to indicate that this case was produced 1928-1934 but subsequently reloaded after 1945 with new PS primers.