7.9 ammo for Luftwaffe ground troops


The Luftwaffe had more ground troops than airmen. Why would aircraft worthy 7.9 ammunition be required for these units ?


The reason there were so many Luftwaffe ground units towards the end of WWII was very simple. The aircraft the Luftwaffe serviced were more or less grounded due to lack of fuel and trained pilots. There were well over 100 thousand men in the Luftwaffe with nothing to do, so they were formed into adhock ground defence units. Men from the German Navy were also formed into ground defence units.
Weapons were in short supply, so anything that could be adopted was used to equip the Luftwaffe units. Ammo used in these adapted weapons came from then very ample Luftwaffe stocks. In simple words, they used what they had available.


Thank you ; but, not the question as posed.

The following quote is from pButler on another thread

“fer (Metallwerke Wandhofen GmbH, Schwerte/Ruhr, Rosenweg, bei Dortmund) cases dated 1943-1944 can also be found with a additional crimp on the case necks but these shouldn’t have been for use in the Luftwaffe WB 81 weapons pods, since the Air Force would only accept Zdh. 88 (and for a short time Zdh. 43) primers”.

Again - “THE AIR FORCE WOULD ONLY ACCEPT Zdh 88 and Zdh 43 PRIMERS” in the 7.9 ammunition. This ,as I understand it, was because they considered these primers the most reliable for aircraft use.

Luftwaffe ground troops used whatever ammo was available with any type of primer. Aircraft quality not important.

Thus; did the Luftwaffe continue to accept only the noted type of primer EVEN for their ground use

OR was this dropped as pertains to ground units ?

Looking at the smiling Luftwaffe machinegunner above and his belt of ammo. You might think that these are STEEL cases - I think that they are . Steel cases were also not so popular with the Luftwaffe for aircraft guns.


Any 7.9 collectors out there who survived the St. Louis storms ?