7.9 Book Review

Although I acquired Gerald’s Book on the 7.9 Mauser some time back, I had not taken time to comment on it. I have both Copies of Dan Kent’s book as well. Gerald’s book is well done, reasonable and the Color Pictures are outstanding. While Dan’s book is a lot older and new information has come to light, the two books compliment each other well. One note, In Kent’s book on discussion of primers, there is a picture or a SMK box label and the headstamp with pink primer annulus. While the text doesn’t discuss it, as I recall, I have a round which came from Bill Woodin who had the box. These were the first trial of the 43 primers before adoption. There were also all red / blue and green primers in the trials. I have examples of all these. Kudos to Gerald for a well done book on a subject still in the main stream of interest.

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Correction to my Rusty memory. Its Geremy not Gerald. FYI Ive ordered his Volume 2 and await it being delivered. A much wiser person than I once said beofe you buy/purchase collectables, Buy Good Book(s) We today are blessed with many good references especially thru the IAA. Highly recommend buying acopy of these books on 7.9 Mauser.

Yes, I totally agree. I bought this book too. It’s good material and much more affordable than Daniel Kent’s work.