7.9 German Headstamps Question


I have two fired 7.9mm German cases on which has been written ‘rare headstamp’. Can anyone confirm that they are hard to find. Thanks in advance.


The left one is the original form of the German 7.9 mm ammunition, designated Patrone 88 with a 14.7 g round nose bullet. Its also the first variation of the Patronenhülse 88 cartridge case, which later underwent serveral changes.
The L stands for Wilhelm Lorenz, who owned Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik, Karlsruhe (headstamp DM used from December 1893 onwards) which later became Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabrik, DWM.
The case on the right is from illegal military production after WW1. Polte was the only authorized manufacturer. So illegal production used Polte’s P with the second letter taken from the real name: Pö = Böhme, Pi = Hirtenberger, Pu = Burgsmüller and Ps used for Swedish production. The history of Böhme at Treuenbrietzen (Sebaldushof) is still unclear to me. In any case, this company was taken over by the Kopp brothers of Berlin, who later went on to erect a second factory in Treuenbrietzen (Selterhof) and others in Belzig (Roederhof), Metgethen and Salzwedel.
The S in the headstamp indicates it is a case for the pointed S bullet, standardized in 1903, which had a slightly larger diameter than the round nose bullet 88, while rifle bore dimensions remainded unchanged.
Regarding rarity of these headstamps, I am out of my depth, but others will chime in.


Having collected 7.9 x 57 in a rather big way, I can say that
I would describe the “L” headstamp as fairly scarce and the
“Po” headstamp as very scarce.

Just my opinion.

John M.


Thank you both for your very helpful replies. Ian


Here the box for a Pö cartridge.




They are not common like other HS, but you can complete a nice collection :-)

MAUSER   7,92X57  Borgsmüller Kreiensen-Hartz 		

7 24 S Pü
10 24 S Pü
11 24 S Pü
12 24 S Pü
6 Pü S 25
9 Pü S 25
27 Pü S 4

Mauser 7,92x57   Böhme Treuenbrietzen 		

S Pö 10 24
S Pö 12 24
3 Pö S 25
6 Pö S 25
8 Pö S 25
10 Pö S 25
11 Pö S 25
1 Pö S 26

Mauser 7,92x57, Hirtenberg-Soloturn (Rheinmetall Mandl.)		

5 24 S Pi
8 24 S Pi
3 25 S Pi
7 25 S Pi


12         89		L
2          90		L
4          90		L
6          90		L
7          90		L
8          90		L
9          90		L
10         90		L
11         90		L
12         90		L
1          91		L
2          91		L
3          91		L
4          91		L
5          91		L
6          91		L
7          91		L
8          91		L
8          92		L
9    L     92		L



What does “Treuenbrietzen” mean? Treuen means faithful but brietzen I have no idea.


Treuenbrietzen is the name of a small town south of Berlin.
Most of the secret small arms ammunition plants were located in rural small towns with a railway line nearby.