7.9 German label translation

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A friend sent this photo to me & is asking for a translation of the label information.

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“Patr s.S” cartridges with heavy pointed bullet (schweres Spitzgeschoss), the standard bullet from 1930 for rifles as well as machine guns.
“IX 1. L. 37” Manufacturer IX (which is a riddle to me; maybe dutch knows more) 1st lot of 1937
Nz. … ist the ordinary nitrocellulose propellant used in 7.9 mm cartridges. 2 by 2 by 0.45 is the nominal flake size.
Rdf. is the propellant manufacturer: WASAG at Reinsdorf near Wittenberg (of Martin Luther fame) on the river Elbe. 4th lot of 1934
“Patrh” is the cartridge case, made by Polte, 20th lot of 1933
“Gesch.” is the bullet maker, P 186 is Metallwerk Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, 3rd lot 1934
“Zdh.” is the primer (Zündhütchen): made by Selve-Kronbiegel-Dornheim AG of Sömmerda (formerly Dreyse und Collenbusch, symbol Dc) 991st lot of year coded “K” (sorry, code list not at hand at the moment). Primer lot numbers often exceeded 1000.

The K indicates 1934; interesting that these are cartridges assembled in 1937 from components of 1933 or 34 manufacture. Jack

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Well this is a great label.

These day’s, Germany had so called “Wehrkreisen”
Each “Wehrkkreis” had ammunition facilities were in case of emergency ammunition could be loaded from stored components.
The showed box comes from Wehrkreis IX, (Kassel).

The code “K” means 1934.


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I sent him the link, no way am I going to repeat all this over the phone.

Nobody mentioned the red stamp i.L. : im Ladestreifen. On stripperclips.

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