7.9 German Mauser date?


Anyone see a date here ?


Yes - Codeletters?


What are the code letters ?


I might be wrong but from 1925 - 1935 no year was used but a capital letter.
Even on artillery headstamps.
“G” should be 1935. Surely the 7,92 x 57 IS guys will know more.


Do you have a list of these ?


They even used the letters on 08 pistols



[quote=“genkideskan”]They even used the letters on 08 pistols


I might be wrong but the only date code letters I’ve seen used were ‘K’ in 1934 and ‘G’ in 1935. These appear as the dates on ammunition, k98 rifles and the bayonets for them also. Similarly they dated the 3 lug charger clip with the same codes.

Previously, the clips at least were undated although identified to the maker with a ‘P’ code.

Happy collecting, Peter


Sweet ! Thanks .


The head stamp line on the label gives a “G” date along with the case lot, but if you look at the acutal cartridges in the box, they will be dated 1935. JH


For more pictures of date-codes as used on German 7.9mm labels see:



Thank you. Very interesting that the one has the numerical date and the code on the same label.

Any chance you will ever make an end to the label book and publish ?

The 7.9 German ammo boxes are without doubt the most extensive , colorfull and detailed series of MILITARY ammunition packaging ever made.

( commercial 22 and shotshell boxes are right up there )

You may be the only person with enough detailed experience with the subject to document it to a reasonable extent.