7,9 German ruptured/broken case removal tool


I bought these some time back here. ima-usa.com/original-german- … trigger=ac

They are most likely NOT WWII German issue. They are possibly for 7,9 German as I have dimensioned them and it is the most likely candidate. They are all steel and there is no markings other than a few nicks and scratches.

Does anyone have any inkling of country of origin? I am leaning towards Turkey.

Thanks for looking…




A few years back a German collector found a small amount of these
shell extractors. Most of them are the same as the short one you listed and not marked
but a few of the lot where marked with ( gmm wh 44 )




Thanks for the picture and information. Not discounting the marking, but is that a stamping or more like a laser engraving?



There are headless shell extractors like these, really like the long one I think, that have Imperial period German military acceptance stamps on them. Jack


When I look closely to the marking it looks like is done
with a electric etching pen.
The 2 mms and the 2 4s are not the same , when this was done with a laser
they would be the same to my opinion.



They must look like these.



btw, I have this tool also at home, not in the collection.

A wise collector in Tucson has always nice words for these kinds of items “I don’t like this round”.
That I would like to say about this showed tool.