7,9 Kurz box ID

I found this box today and would like to know when and by whom it was re-packed. The box is identical in size to a typical 7.62x51mm NATO 20 rd. box. The label looks profesionally printed and applied, so I don’t think this was done in someone’s garage. Obviously the contents are WWII vintage German from “aux” and the box label info came right off the originals. I’d like to see this go to a collection where it would be better appreciated.
I have a few Kurzpatrone for reference in my collection, but I do not collect it per-se. This just seemed too unique to pass up. It is still sealed, so I cannot open to inspect the contents, but they sound like they are simply loose-packed. The stapling on the side of the box reminds me of something that might have come out of a Com-Bloc country for some reason, as does the color and texture of the box material.



AKMS - it is a very interesting box, but certainly not a German military one and probably not from any time near 1944, despite the label seemingly having a label code and being dated 1944.

I have some nice 7.92 Kurz boxes in my collection, but have never seen this one. About the only ones that use the “Kurz” designation at all are those from the DDR. I am not sure about the Czech post-war labels or the Greek repack, as can’t really read them.

The Germans called the round 7.9 Pistolepatrone M43, and the word “Kurz” or “Kurzpatrone” doesn’t appear on any box I have seen.

Even the fairly current commercial German boxes for newly made brass doesn’t use those words that way.

Very interesting label, to be sure. Wish I knew who repacked it. I like the repack boxes. In many ways, they are more interesting than the originals.

John Moss

Firstly the Germans called it the 7,9mm PistolenPatrone, or Pp43; Only the Czechs and greeks useds “7,92” (and the British)

The secret is in the label code lot number, lowere down…Possible 1967 repack??>

Also the Type Font is Post-war, as is the usage "ME for “m.E” (mit eiserne kern, steel core) , and the layout of the component codes is also jumbled.

The stapled Packet is typically Czech, but could be one of the other Combloc nations…
Overall, I wouyld say re-pack for export to some ( central African) Combloc friendly nation or Liberation front…most WW II StGs ended up somewhere in central to eastern Africa…

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics