7.9 kurz tp?

Vet bring back 7.9 TP ?

In this case, is KURZ the manufacture name or does in mean, “Short” TP 7.9? I learned from the torpedo post that the word “KURZ” that was stamped on the safety of a torpedo fuze meant “Short” in German. It was used to identify the fuze at a glance as having a “Short” delay vs the alternate “Long” delay. Just curious how it is applied to these vet bring back rounds. Especially since one of the happens to have a very short projectile profile protruding from the case. Thanks

Kurz is short in German and refers to this case type as opposed to the 7.9x57 case type.

The Kurz is the 7.92x33 Kurtz as opposed to the 7.92X57 Mauser.

Thanks guys!

What does “TP” mean?

Hey, I can actualy answer that one :-)! TP = TARGET PRACTICE, I hope.

Vlad, “TP” simply means “Target Practise”, and in the case of small arms ammunition is usually a round with a combination of lighter bullet and/or reduced charge. These are designed for target practise on ranges where full powdered ammunition could not be used due to either the range being too short or there not being sufficient back stop, or insufficient safety area behind the range. There are also target practise rounds where an adapter with a completely different smaller round is used in the gun, sometimes of the same calibre, sometimes with a smaller calibre barrel inserted into the barrel of the firearm. This also allows recruits to be trained on indoor ranges, and often with ammunition of lower cost.

The British used all of the following for target practise with .303 Lee Enfield Rifles:

*Ball rounds with reduced powder charge.
*Service calibre rounds with lighter bullet (found in many other calibres from all over the world, known universally as “gallery” rounds).
*Rounds of the same bullet diameter that fitted chamber adaptors (.303 Kynoch Adaptor, .303 Wilkinson adapter)
*Rounds that fitted barrel inserts (.297/230 Morris short and Long).

I hope this helps.

Thanks, everyone. Is “TP” a German or English acronym? Germans usually had special names for everything.

No, TP is an English name given to it as it is unkown exactly what this rounds is or what its official designation is, but it looks like a short-range “gallery” round.

The name

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