7.9 Kurz unkown var

We recently came upon these, all are brass cased.

The top is the only fired example and it is is headstamped W C C 5 4. It has a struck nickel primer and was originally a .45 M-1911 case. The mouth insert is once clear turned nylon or plastic, with a small inner channel widening to a “V” shaped opening which seems to be now be missing the tip, which appears to have once been attached at perhaps(?) 4 points, but may not, having separated in such a way to give thought to that.

2nd from top is Hs WRA 57 it has a ring crimped brass primer and a red annulus. We think it was formed from a 7.62x51 case & is empty

3rd from top Hs L C 7 7, brass primer with a three stake crimp, probably formed from a 7.62x51 case with somewhat crude turn marks in the neck & is empty.

Bottom, Hs F N 54, domed brass primer, black annulus and we think perhaps another 7.62x51 case. It has a clear, smooth, round nose plastic or nylon nose insert showing turn marks on the inside. This seems to be loaded.

Total weights are:
top : 128.56 gr
2nd from top: 164.5 gr
3rd from top: 161.5 gr
bottom: 175.0 gr
The only thing we can think these might be are movie blanks, but we hope some one can actually ID them.

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I’ll throw in a ‘second’ on movie blanks.

Id sayMovie blanks as well.