7,9 Kurz zielmunition

Hi all,
Does anyone have drawings or documents about this 7,9 rechargeable?
As the primer there is a 4mmM20 blank.
The case is not a normal 7,9 Kurz brass case but it is heavy with inner thick walls in order to resist a lot of reloadings.
Bullet is lead spherical.

“Zielmunition” would imply an officially adopted item by the Wehrmacht.
I think the one here is not German and most likely after 1945.
My guess is on “self made”.

To me it looks “homemade”,the experts will have the best opinion.


Alex, I was referring to the “final result”, not to the official denomination. Indeed it is strange that the base has not HS at all, neither tool traces.
It is possible that it is homemade, but why realize it after ww2 with a so peculiar priming system?
Anyway, thanks for you feedback :+1:t2:

To me it looks like a shotshell primer. Probably because of availability and no need to form a Berdan primer pocket in a self made device.


They have been at it way before WWII

Pop in a primer and a lead round ball and you got a (wery) short range trainer.

Way before 1900 to be correct.

The propellant charge is a 4mmM20 blank

There was no such thing, as an 4mm M20 blank…
This looks like an austrian driving blank for the Kapselschiesseinrichtung…
see lower right in the pic…

000-8mm konus apparat


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