7,9 list

Hi All,
I lost the very helpfull list of Willem van Eijk listing of the different german 7,9 cartridges,
Is someone could help me be to find it or could send it to me?
Thanks in advance

Yes, would be very helpful indeed since Scarlet disappeared from the WWW. Thanks in advance twice :)

Was this the excel spreadsheet, listing the different lot and different manufacturers? If so, I have a copy I downloaded. I don’t want to upoload it to internet, since it’s not my work, but I can email you a copy if this is what you’re looking for.

Hello psg 1
I send you a pm.
Thank you for the response.

I wrote a mail to Aaron with a question if it is possible to put the list on the IAA forum to make it available for the members.


Hi Dutch, Yes it will be good if it could be included in the ressource center!

Just a small update,

Wrote to Aaron a couple of weeks ago.
No answer yet.