7.9 Mauser box with “K.i.L.” stamp

IMG_9259 sm

Can someone give me the meaning of the large “K” stamped in red in front of the “i.L.” (which I gather is “in Ladestreifen” - in clips/chargers), please.


Chris P.

PS: NO I don’t collect 7.9 !!

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Could be for "K"ern and provide an easier identification at first sight of this kind of munitions

K, Stands for “Kurzbrenner” like short burned cartridge.
mostly the side of a box is also marked with " trainings ammo used up soon "


Thanks guys !!

Chris P.

What’s the reason for “Bald aufbrauchen”? Does the “grünrot” chemicals go bad, meaning become inactive or something?

Good question…

I understand the ‘use up soon’, but what is the meaning of ‘green red’, does it have a meaning beyond the simple translation?


It is an S.m.K.-Lspur, an AP-T.

“grünrot” means the trace will change from green to red after a defined time of flight. The purpose was to help estimate the distance to the target.

I understand in this context “Kurzbrenner” can only stand for an unreliably burning tracer composition. For example only red would burn and not ignite the green.


Or the other way around.


Aaa…, yes! Please forgive an old man :smiley:

Hans, thank you.

I figured it might be something simple, of which I had never heard.

Would you know the range that the colour change was supposed to happen?

After 500 meters.

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I have a picture from annother P 1 L 36 with the same Satz: P.36 but with annother bullet lot .P 1 L 36 K iL Kurzbrenner
P 1 L 36 K iL. Seite

But the question is why is there no lot number by the Satz :and only P.36.
I add some other Polte SmK Lspur boxes with lot numbers also by the Satz.