7,9 Mauser Ex round

A couple of months ago I became this item in a poor condition.
I cleaned it and I am a little confused.

It came out of the ground in a former WW2 Air Munitions Anstallt.
It seems to be an Ex round made from a fired heavy ball cartridge made by Polte.

The bullet is what I would say non German origin.

Help from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated.


I have also found two P08 Ex rounds that are also confusing. One is nickel plated using brass cases from early WWII, but trhe bullets are non magdnetic and the ogive is British WWII. They have three very small holes drilled at 120 degrees around the middle of the case. These were found in the Brtitish occupation area in Northern Germany and seem likely to be post WWII.

The other is known from only three rounmds. Two of the cases are headstamped L 12 18 and they have a wooden bullet that appears to go to the bottom of the case and is held in with a brass pin a bit below the case mouth. When I got my L headstamp round I thought it was post WWI, but then saw two of these in another collection. One was identical to mine and the other had a WRA 9M-M heaesrtamp so they must be post WWII.

I am traveling now but will eventually post these in a separate thread. I suspect these may have been early post WWII for German police unites, but that is just a guess.