7,9 Mauser self-destruction


Some 7,9 Mauser WW2 rounds are programmed to self-destruction after a couple of years.

Until now I did not found out the programming of this phenomenon. It started about 40 years ago. It seems to be the German state during WW2 did everything to confuse me now.

It is not only seen by German rounds, but also by this example made by “am”, (Hirtenberg) a factory in Austria who is normally makes high quality ammunition.

Here an example of the 7,9 self-destruction.

A smiling Dutch


It not only happens to steel cased 7.9mm. I have just scrapped some U.S. .303" brass cased ball (WRA 1941), Canadian .303" ball (1943 DI Z), .30" M2 ball (R A 44), .30" grenade launcher (F A 41) and an 8x50R mm Balle D. All of these are corroding from the inside and I have a lot more to examine yet.



You would be surprised to see the condition of a lot of the WWII era German steel case ammo. Remember there was a war going on at that time :>))
Many factors contribute to the rusting away from the inside out. First the powder itself can be slightly acidic do to incomplete rinsing during the manufacture process. Second is a thin or spotty application of lacquer to the inside of the case. Third is a deterioration of the lacquer and/or powder over time. Finally a bad seal between the bullet and the case that can allow moisture to enter the case. Add all that up and you have rust big time.