7.9 x 57 - another question


I’m sorting through a mixed group of 7.9 Mauser today and am finding a few oddballs. Here’s one with a hollow point, which I assume is a later modification to convert for sporting use. The case is showing the effects of internal corrosion that has been discussed here. I am stumped by the lightly knurled ring around the case. The headstamp is P Va1 9 34?


I believe it is a 7,9mm IT ( Brandgescho


Think the knurl on the case signifies it’s reuse. Usually seen on a blank loading, this one might have been reloaded with a sporting bullet after use as a blank??? The case is of the correct era for use with this knurl mark.


Guy, it was hard to get hunting ammo in Germany after WW2.
They pull of the bullet, in your case a blank 33 Sorte 1, and loaded it with hunting bullet.



Thanks to all for the information.


If you look at the primer crimp you can see that this is not the original primer as the horns of the crimp are missing.