7.9 x 57 WW2 boxes

Next question. What are 15 round boxes of 7.9 Mausewr ammo post WW1 thru 1945 worth? Ive been tgalking with a fellow who has a mix of old stuff, willling to part with some of it, but neither of us know where to start. There is Ss ball, Sme, SMK, Smk’LSpur, And Platzpatrone full boxes. Huge mix. Its been awhile since I bought any WW2 boxes so I have no bassi for making an offer. (Last Time I bought Ss and Sme its was under 10, SMK/Smk"Lspur were typically 15-20 each. Platzpatrone I never saw.) Any help appreciated. I know the current market for 16 round 9mm boxes, but thats not same as 15 round 7.9.
Also has anyone ever seen 7.9 x 33 Kurz aamunition in a sleeve of 15 round boxes like the 7.9 and 9mm were packed in? I dont recall ever seeing anything except the 15 round (And a couiple of 20 round) Boxes but assume this ammo ws packed like rthe 7.9x57 and 9mm in larger cardboard Pack before being packed ina can or bigger container. WOuld love to see a picture! Thanks

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