7.92 1956


Have aquired some belts of 7.92 ammo,headstamps FN 56,& 7.92 56. The 7.92.56 has black tips approx 7mm in length,the FN black tips are appox 5mm in length plus has a black band around the case neckThe primer pockets have a dark green rim around the primer. As this is the 1st time I have come across this particular type of 7.92,and wish to use it in my K98K I would like to ask as I am not well versed as yet in ammo varients, if this ammo is for MGs only or is it ok for general use.Many thanks for any assistance.



on what kind of belts did you find these cartridges.

A picture of the belt would be welcome.




I haven’t had any problems with either type in my Yugo M48.

For pictures of the “7.92 56” see:


Hi JFL,Have put the links in a box and cannot locate them at the moment.the links are made of a very strong black coloured steel with each case holding them together,once assembled they are not easy to take apart again.When I locate the box I will forward a pic. Thanks to both of you for your replies.